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Anubhav Mohanty the Super Star in Ollywood or Oriya / Odia Film Industry

Anubhav Mohanty Superstar of Oriya Film World.

Biography :

The Superstar of Ollywood Anubhav Mohanty is a famous name in Oriya household and Tollywood. He had started his career as a model and also has won several awards for modelling. Then he came to Odia albums industries and has featured in around 80-100 music video songs. He quietly ruled the album industry for sometime before moving into Oriya films industry.

He debuted in film I Love You along with Namrata thapa in 2004. The film got a super duper hit. His other films of the same year were Saathire and Barsha My Darling, were also listed super hit. Since 2004 he has already played in more than 30 feature films in oriya and Bengali films. He has acted in Bengali films and worked in many Hindi language ads.

Actually he is a choosy and cautious about the films he undertake before signing he became sure that he is comfortable to work with a Producer, Director and Stuntman etc.

He always loves to work with a biopic or historical film with having patriotic flavor or a wish to be a sportsman on the screen. He is always aware of his image being emulated people even by children so that he never set an example that will adversely impact the society. He is a Action Hiro in Ollywood Industry.


1. National level debate competition winner in school days.
2. School leader.
3. A good student throughout the career.
4. Good sportsman.
5. A basketball player (District level).
6. Directed and acted in manyschool plays.

Anubhav's SlamBook :
Anubhav's Nick-Name - Fapun.

Anubhav's Date of Birth - 24th December.

Anubhav is fondly called as "Bhau" by his close ones....

Anubhav's Favourite Actor - Salman Khan,Syllvester stallone.

Anubhav's Biggest Crush - Britney Spears.

Anubhav's Favourite Food - Mutton and Biriyani.

Anubhav'c Favourite Colour - Black and White.

Anubhav's Favourite Films - Pyaar kiya to Darna kya, Rambo series.

Anubhav's Close Friends are Sujeet , Srikant , Debashish , Manoj and many more....


1.  "My father is my hero..." says the Actor....
2.  "My younger Brother Chiku is the luckiest person in my life"- Anubhav.
3.  "My mother is the most sweetest and lovely woman in my life and i would like my life-partner to be like her".......says the Actor...

4.  The person he miss the most is his "Grandma" and have named his production house "VISHNUPRIYAA ART AND GRAPHICS" after her name.

5.  He has two lovely pets "Fanny" and "Mottuli".....

Filmography of Anubhav Mohanty :

Career in Acting in Oriya films :

2004 : I Love You
2004 : Saathire
2004 : Barsa My darling
2005 : Priya Mo Priya
2005 : Prathama Prema
2005 : Topae Sindura Di Topa Luha
2005 : Premi No.1
2005  : Arjun. (Cast - Anubhav,Rameshwari,Gargi,Amrita,Hara pattnaik.)
2005  : Bhagyachakra. (Cast - Anubhav , Anu choudhry , Barsha Priyadarshini, Siddhant.)
2006  : Thank You Bhagban
2007 : Kalisankar
2007 : Mahanayak
2007 : To Bina Mo Kahani Addhaa
2008 : Dhanare Rakhibu Sapatha Mora
2008 : Mate Ta Love Helare
2008 : Chaati Chiri Dele Tu...
2008 : Munna-A Love Story.  (Cast-Anubhav,Dushmant,Naina dash,Romi,Mihir Dash...)
2009 : Nei Jaa Re Megha Mate. (Anubhav,Barsha priyadarshini,Bijoy Mohanty,Kajal Mishra...)
2009 : Aa Janhare Lekhiba Naa
2009 : Suna Chadhei Mo Rupa Chadhei 
2009 : Aakashe Ki Ranga Lagila 
2009 : Saata Sure Bandha Ae Jibana
2009 : Abhimanyu 
2010 : Don.  (Cast-Anubhav,Siddhant Mahapatra,Bijoy Mohanty,Bobby Mishra,Kajal

2010 : Mu Kan Ate Kharap 
His Next Chup...Kie Asuchi. (Anubhav,Sunil Kumar,Jaya....)
Bengali films :

• Saathi Amaar(2005)
• Khalanayak(2006)
• Shaarthopor(2006)
• Eri Naam Prem(2006)
• Jibon Saathi(2006)
• Kali Sankar(2007)
. Babli


Siddharth SN said...

Anubhab has now become the most stylist and matured actor in Odia Film Industry.

His films especially "Most wanted" "Diwana" "Akashe ki ranga Lagichi" etc left a symbol of acting.

well done Anubhab.

Unknown said...

Hi anubhav,do exercise & make six ab.Contact for learning.

Abhimanyu pradhan

TARUN said...

hi anubhav plese save your dadhi in all your film and be like a real superstar ok.

Rubul said...

hiiiiiiiiii fapoon......well done in every film